Remaining Campaign Goal
Other Endowment Giving Opportunities
Student Scholarships and Awards Through Endowments
Fully Funded Endowments

Remaining Campaign Goal

An endowment contribution to Kinesiology is a gift that endures forever. Endowments provide a stable financial base with the assurance that we will have the resources for our future work. Our largest remaining campaign objective in the area of endowment is:

Endowed Graduate Fellowships ($3 million Campaign Goal)

Doctoral students provide the insurance that the scientific advances upon which our society so clearly depends will be maintained and expanded. They represent our future faculty members and researchers.

“Without a strong doctoral program, we cannot have strong faculty for the next generation.”
— Dr. Ronald Zernicke
Professor and Dean, School of Kinesiology,
Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery

“Competitive endowment fellowships will give us an advantage in recruiting. These endowments will help us attract the best students and enable them to dedicate more time to research. Ultimately, top doctoral students will benefit undergraduates, faculty and the entire School of Kinesiology.”
— Dr. Daniel Ferris
Former Associate Dean for Research

Other Endowment Giving Opportunities

  • Marie Hartwig Collegiate Professorship Endowment. This professorship was established to benefit a faculty position within Physical Education. The Hartwig Collegiate Professorship will become the second endowed professorship within Kinesiology. The financial goal is $500,000.
  • Nicholas Leoni Endowed Research Fund. Nearly eight years ago, long after Mike Leoni got involved with the Special Olympics, his wife Diane gave birth to twins—one of them had cerebral palsy. As difficult as the news was at the time, the Leonis say that Nicholas has brought great joy to their family. To honor Mike's big heart, the Nicholas Leoni Endowed Research Fund was created as a 48th birthday present to Mike from some of his closest friends. The annual income from this endowment will be used to provide seed funding to researchers in U-M School of Kinesiology.

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Student Scholarships and Awards Through Endowments

These Kinesiology scholarships and awards are made possible through interest-bearing endowment accounts. The amount of the awards is modest, and all contributions that are designated to these accounts will go toward increasing the amount of the annual awards and scholarships.

  • The Canham Fellows. Named in honor of Don Canham, Michigan's legendary athletic director from 1968 to 1988, fifteen Canham Fellows are selected from the 65 juniors admitted to the sport management program for degree completion. The Canham Fellows receive a $5,000 stipend that may be used for tuition or housing, or to pursue field studies, internships or participate in international conferences that focus on sports and business. These distinguished scholars will be prepared to be leaders of the future in defining success in the business of sport and sports organizations.
  • Ruth Harris Endowment. The Ruth Harris Endowment Fund provides financial assistance to deserving graduate students. The fund was started with an initial gift from Ruth and has been supported through the years by Ruth and several of her colleagues and friends. Ruth initiated the fund because she realized that Kinesiology was losing graduate and doctoral students, especially women, due to the lack of scholarship monies. They were attending other schools who could offer them more.
  • Paul A. Hunsicker Memorial Award. This award honors the memory of Professor Paul Hunsicker, Chair of the Department of Physical Education for Men, 1958-70 and Director of the Department of Physical Education, 1970-76. The award recognizes one graduate and one undergraduate student who have demonstrated superior scholarship and professional zeal and promise.
  • Stan Kemp Scholarship. Friends of the late Stanley S. Kemp, BS '67, football official and business and civic leader established the Stan Kemp Scholarship in 1994. It is designated for juniors, seniors, and graduate students who display Mr. Kemp's high character, leadership, scholarship, integrity and idealism. Five scholarships are presented each year.
  • Bernard Patrick Maloy Award for Excellence in Writing. The Bernard Patrick Maloy Award for Excellence in Writing was first awarded in 2003. This award honors the memory of Professor “Pat” Maloy, a scholar and dedicated teacher who inspired his students to take an interest in real-world issues of sport and public policy, and particularly encouraged them to express their thoughts through clear and concise writing. The cash award is expressly for undergraduate majors in the Department of Sport Management.
  • Bernard “Pat” Maloy Scholarship. In 2007 the Alumni of Kinesiology launched this scholarship in honor of Pat Maloy with a very successful online auction. This new scholarship will help incoming need-based students to Michigan Kinesiology. Preference will be given to students who have been touched by cancer— either themselves or an immediate family member.
  • New York Family Scholarship. The New York Family Scholarship is a need-based scholarship established by friends of U-M Kinesiology to aid a student from the metropolitan New York area whose parents are firefighters, police officers or teachers. Preferential consideration is given to applicants who lost one of their parents in the attack on New York City, September 11, 2001. The scholarship is being funded by annual contributions and will be supported in perpetuity through an endowed scholarship fund.
  • Lucile M. Swift Honor Award. Lucile M. Swift, BS ’39, created the Lucile M. Swift Honor Award to financially assist one senior and one graduate student in Kinesiology who demonstrate professional promise, and superior scholarship.
  • Charles Woodson Endowed Scholarship Fund. This is a need-based scholarship established by 1997 Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson, who was a Sport Management major. The scholarship will assist a student majoring in Kinesiology from either Fremont, OH, Detroit, MI, Oakland, CA, Chicago, IL, or Houston, TX. The scholarship was established with a $100,000 commitment by Mr. Woodson. The endowed scholarship is being matched by the President’s Scholarship Challenge.
  • Shelly Kovacs Endowed Scholarship. The Shelly Kovacs Endowed Scholarship is named for Director of Student Services Shelly Kovacs for her long-standing dedication and valuable guidance to undergraduate students for more than 30 years. It will be awarded to an incoming undergraduate student who exhibits strong high school academics and financial need.

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Fully Funded Endowments

  • The Bruce and Joan Bickner Endowed Chair. This is Kinesiology's first fully endowed professorship and was a gift from the Bickner Family Foundation. The $1.5 million gift continues a long history of support from Joan and Bruce Bickner, including Joan's many years of service as a member of the Kinesiology Campaign Council.

    The Bickner Chair is one of 20 endowed professorships at U-M created through President Mary Sue Coleman's Donor Challenge, which will fund the balance of the $2 million position. Bruce and Joan stated that the gift reflects their belief in Kinesiology's commitment to excellence in teaching, research and service.

  • The Stephen and Jeannine Galetti Scholarship. As first chairman of Kinesiology's Sport Management and Communications Department, Stephen Galetti devoted more than 30 years to the University of Michigan and its students. In July 2006, Steve passed away from a series of strokes at the age of 76. His widow, Jeannine, at that time took what was an annual award and created a four year recruiting scholarship to fully honor his memory. Her $200,000 gift was matched dollar for dollar by President Mary Sue Coleman's need-based scholarship match, making it a $400,000 total endowment. This 4-year scholarship will be given to an incoming need-based Kinesiology student who is intending on majoring in Sport Management or Physical Education.

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