Why Should I Give?
Frequently Asked Questions
Top Five Reasons to Support Class Gift

The Kinesiology Class Gift Program is an opportunity for the entire Senior Class to come together to make a lasting impact on the School of Kinesiology. Show your appreciation of the University, our great faculty, or even your best friends by donating your first gift to the University of Michigan. A donation to Class Gift is a thank you to those who have donated in the past as well as an investment in the continued growth of our school and the success of future students.

Why Should I Give?

Total class participation is the goal of this campaign. A shared gift on behalf of the entire Senior Class will make a bold statement and set a high standard for classes to come

To promote participation, the Bickner family will match every dollar donated to Class Gift once we reach 50% participation. And, if we reach 75%, the Bickner family will commit a two-to-one match. By just sacrificing two or three late-night pizzas, your gift of $20.11 can make $40.22, or even $60.33 of a difference to the School of Kinesiology!

The Bickner family wants you to know that you are not alone in your investment. By donating you are joining countless alumni all over the world who support our School and bleed maize and blue. Please do your part and help us reach total class participation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I donate?

You may donate any amount. All contributions are welcome, but in honor of our graduation year, the 2011 Class Gift Committee is asking for a donation of $20.11. Multi-year pledges are highly recommended so you can continue to support Kinesiology and remain a loyal alum for years to come.

How do I donate?

You may choose to make an outright gift or a pledge. Outright gifts are paid immediately. Pledges can be paid over the course of several years. You can donate online or complete a pledge form and drop off your donation to LaToya Singletary (lnl@umich.edu) in 3162 Observatory Lodge.

What is a pledge?

Pledges can take two forms:

  • Make your commitment now, and hold off payment for one year until you’re in a better position to make your payment; or
  • Make yearly donations of $20.11 in honor of your class gift for up to five years. Your commitment will be matched immediately by the Bickner family and you have up to five years to complete your pledge.

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Top Five Reasons to Support Class Gift:

5. You will be recognized at Commencement

4. For the cost of just a couple pizzas, you can make a real difference for future Kinesiology students

3. U.S. News and World Report factors alumni support in determining their university rankings, and a donation to the University moves Michigan up in the rankings and increases the value of our degree

2. A donation to the Class Gift will provide support for students in need

1. Tuition covers just 75% of what it costs to educate a Kinesiology undergraduate, and alumni donations in part make up the difference. Let’s invest in the future of Kinesiology!

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