Megan  in Costa Rica
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Last Name: 
Class Year: 
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San Jose and Falconiana
Costa Rica
Term(s) Abroad: 
SpSu 2008
University of Michigan
How did you find this program?: 
I was emailed about the GIEU program and I decided on it because it was during the spring or summer term, it was a bit cheaper than other study abroad programs, and it was a good mixture between study abroad and volunteering.
Courses Taken: 
I will earn 2 credits for the GIEU program
Fluency Required?: 
I was at an intermediate level of Spanish. It was enough to get by and have decent conversations. My spanish also improved by living in Costa Rica and by taking classes at a local school in San Jose.
Would you recommend this program? : 
Yes, I would definetly recommend GIEU to others. The cost is lower than other programs, it isn't very time consuming, and its a good mixture of studying and working.
Act on information you receive. If you don't email, ask questions, or attend meetings you will never commit enough to do it.
Will this help you in your profession?: 
My international experience has made me reconsider a career in Spanish. I am also more certain that I have the right major (movesci) and the right goals in life (premed) for me.

Megan  in Costa Rica
Megan  in Costa Rica
Megan  in Costa Rica
Megan  in Costa Rica

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