Students in this track work closely with a professor in a laboratory or research context. They participate with mentors in research, generate ideas, collect data, and write a thesis or research paper prior to graduation. The minimum number of credit hours to complete this track is 30. The exact number will vary according to student interests and advisor’s requirements.

Degree Requirements for the Ph.D. Preparation track

Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours for the M.S. or M.A. degree. Students are required to take KINESLGY 615, (Philosophy of Science and Research) and one graduate level statistics course outside of Kinesiology. In addition, students usually complete a master’s thesis in KINESLGY 619 (see requirements below). Students must elect at least 9 hours of Kinesiology course work. Five of these may be for independent research (e.g. KINESLGY 684), practicum experience, or internships (e.g. KINESLGY 680 and 686). Each student must also complete at least four credits in cognate work outside of Kinesiology; this is included in the 30 credits requirement.

Thesis in the Ph.D. Preparation Track

A student with a B+ average for the first twelve credit hours of graduate work will be permitted to proceed with writing a master’s thesis. In addition to a thesis advisor, the student must have two other faculty members serve on his/her thesis committee. Students considering writing a thesis are strongly encouraged to discuss possible topics with potential thesis advisors soon after entering the program.

In order for the student to be recognized at the Kinesiology Commencement ceremony, he/she and his/her advisor must submit a thesis declaration form (available from Graduate Program Coordinator) to the Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs (OUSA) no later than April 5.

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