Normative evaluation of the Test of Gross Motor Development 3rd edition in a national cohort

This research study aims to evaluate the newest version of the Test of Gross Motor Development – 3rd edition (TGMD-3) set to be released in 2015. The previous version of this test, the TGMD-2, is the most popular motor assessment in elementary physical education in the United States for ages 3-10, over 7,000 schools in the US use this test along with a large contingent of international researchers. This assessment measures gross motor skill development with 13 items classified as either locomotor or ball skills (i.e. object control). Fundamental motor skills (i.e. gross motor skills) require the activation of large muscle groups and are a necessary base for future use in sport-specific skills. Examples of these skills include running, jumping, kicking, and throwing.

This study will provide baseline data for the TGMD-3 for future evaluation and interpretation for children of the same age and gender across the country. Our current efforts involve school children from Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana from our lab; more cohorts are being collected across the United States and the globe. The current evaluation will examine psychometric properties to establish validity and reliability, along with updating the normative information for each skill. This study is being conducted by Drs. Dale A. Ulrich and Kip Webster.

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