Physical activity, diet and hormone profiles of adolescents with and without Down syndrome

The Center for Physical Activity and Health in Pediatric Disabilities directed by Dr. Dale Ulrich, in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan is looking for children with and without Down syndrome between the ages of 12-18 years to participate in a physical activity study. We are attempting to understand the unique hormone profiles of adolescents with Down syndrome and how these hormones are related to physical activity, diet and growth. In this study, participants will come to the University of Michigan for a 1 hour clinic visit and perform additional measurements at home over the following week. We will collect saliva samples to study hormones, measure how much the participant is moving and what they eat, and perform a body scan. Children should generally enjoy the activities.

Your child may participate if they:
• are between the ages of 9-17
• have a Down syndrome diagnosis OR have typical development without Down syndrome

Participants and families will receive up to $40 to defray travel costs and for completing all measurements.

We hope this study will help us better understand some of the underlying factors that influence health in this population and will enable us to better create interventions to improve the health and growth of individuals with Down syndrome.

If your child is interested in volunteering for this study, or you would like more information please contact:

Andy Pitchford,, 734.936.2607
Dr. Dale Ulrich,, 734.615.1904

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