Role of adipose tissue in the tendency for blood clot formation


We are interested in understanding the role of adipose tissue in inappropriate blood clot formation (e.g. within blood vessels). We have previously demonstrated that mice lacking the leptin receptor do not form blood clots normally. In addition, we are examing blood clot formation in diabetic "fatless" mice to evaluate the relative roles of insulin resistance and "adipocytokines" (ie. cytokines released by adipocytes such as leptin and adiponectin) in this process.

These studies are performed by creating a localized injury to the carotid artery in mice under a general anesthetic. The vessel is then monitored via carotid artery blood flow in real time as well as visual inspection with a dissecting microscope.

For more information regarding this topic -- please refer to the following review article:

Bodary PF. Invited Review: "Links between adipose tissue and thrombosis in the mouse." Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2007; 27(11):2284-91.

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