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Recent Bulletins
Undergraduate Bulletin 2014-15
Graduate Bulletin 2014-15

Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-14 and Bulletin Addendum 2013-14
Graduate Bulletin 2013-14

Undergraduate Bulletin 2012-13 and Bulletin Addendum 2012-13
Graduate Bulletin 2012-13

Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-12
Graduate Bulletin 2011-12

Bulletin (Undergraduate and Graduate) 2010-11 and Bulletin Addendum 2010-11

Bulletin Archive

Bentley Historical Library on North Campus has earlier, printed versions of the Bulletin, as well as Zip and PDF files of Bulletins since 1998.

Bulletins since 1998 are also posted online in Deep Blue.

Course Descriptions
Current descriptions are in the Course Directory.
Past course descriptions are available on the Bentley Library site.

Religious Holidays
For Students with Disabilities
Student Rights and Responsibilities

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For Undergraduate Students

All Undergraduates: General Advising Forms

Declaration/Faculty Mentor Assignments Independent Study Form
Override Policy Multiple Dependent Degree Program
Late Add Petition Plan Your Time
Late Drop Petition Retroactive Language Credits
Program Petition Course Grade Grievance Policy
Course Grade Grievance Flowchart  
Kinesiology Study Abroad Course Approval Form
Kinesiology Study Abroad Supplemental Form

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AT Majors

ATEP Application and Handbook
ATEP Program Application 
ATEP Handbook 

Sample 4-Year Curriculum
AT Sample Curriculum 2014-15
AT Sample Curriculum 2013-14 
AT Sample Curriculum 2012-13 
AT Sample Curriculum 2011-12 
AT Sample Curriculum 2010-11

Record Sheets
AT Record Sheet 2014-15 
AT Record Sheet 2013-14 
AT Record Sheet 2012-13
AT Record Sheet 2011-12
AT Record Sheet 2010-11

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Health & Fitness Majors

Health & Fitness (eff. Fall 2014)

Sample 4-Year Curriculum
HF Sample Curriculum 2015-16
HF Sample Curriculum 2014-15

Record Sheets
HF Record Sheet 2015-16
HF Record Sheet 2014-15

HF 403
Health and Fitness Internship Policy Guidelines 2015-16

Health & Fitness Leadership Track (2013-2014 only)

HF Course Descriptions
HF Required Courses
HF Sample Curriculum 2013-14
HF Record Sheet 2013-14

Physical Education

Sample 4-Year Curriculum
Teaching Certificate:
PE Teaching Sample Curriculum 2010-11 
PE Minor:
PE Minor Sample Curriculum 2010-11
Health Minor:
PE Health Sample Curriculum 2013-14 
PE Health Sample Curriculum 2012-13 
PE Health Sample Curriculum 2011-12
PE Health Sample Curriculum 2010-11

Record Sheets (Teaching Certificate only)
PE Teaching Record Sheet 2013-14 
PE Teaching Record Sheet 2012-13 
PE Teaching Record Sheet 2011-12 
PE Teaching Record Sheet 2010-11 

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Cognate Courses
MVS Cognate Courses 2014-15
MVS Cognate Courses 2013-14
MVS Cognate Courses 2008-August 2013

Honors Program
MVS Honors Program Application 

Movement Science Internship Policy Guidelines 2013-14 PDF
Movement Science Internship Policy Guidelines 2013-14 (Word download)

Sample 4-Year Curriculum
MVS Sample Curriculum 2014-15 
MVS Sample Curriculum 2013-14 
MVS Sample Curriculum 2012-13 
MVS Sample Curriculum 2011-12 
MVS Sample Curriculum 2010-11 

Record Sheets
MVS Record Sheet 2014-15 
MVS Record Sheet 2013-14 
MVS Record Sheet 2012-13 
MVS Record Sheet 2011-12 
MVS Record Sheet 2010-11 

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SM Majors

Level 2
SM Level 2 Application Guidelines 
SM Level 2 Application 

SM 290
SM 290 Level One Field Experience Guidelines (PDF) 
SM 290 Level One Field Experience Guidelines (Word download) 

SM 403
SM 403 Field Experience Guidelines (PDF) 
SM 403 Field Experience Guidelines (Word download)

Sample 4-Year Curriculum
SM Sample Curriculum 2014-15 
SM Sample Curriculum 2013-14 
SM Sample Curriculum 2012-13 
SM Sample Curriculum 2011-12 
SM Sample Curriculum 2010-11 

Record Sheets
SM Record Sheet 2014-15 
SM Record Sheet 2013-14 
SM Record Sheet 2012-13 
SM Record Sheet 2011-12 
SM Record Sheet 2010-11

SM-BBA Dual Degree Majors

Sample 5-Year Curriculum
SM and BBA Sample Curriculum 2014-15 
SM and BBA Sample Curriculum 2012-13

Record Sheets
SM and BBA Record Sheet 2014-15 
SM and BBA Record Sheet 2012-13

SM Dual Required Courses (2013 Incoming Freshmen)

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For Graduate Students

For Graduate Bulletins, see Bulletins section above.

Dissertation Committee Worksheet
Dissertation Proposal Approval (DPAF) 
Graduate Student Travel Request Form.  You must login using your umich account to view.
KINESLGY 402 682 684 Independent Projects
KINESLGY 685: Ph.D. Research Rotation Contract
Ph.D. Guidance Committee
Ph.D. Guidance Committee Plan 
PhD Qualifying Exam Committee 

Grad Prgm Newsletter: Mar 2010 
Grad Prgm Newsletter: Jun 2009 
Grad Prgm Newsletter: Dec 2008 
Grad Prgm Newsletter: Sep 2008 
Grad Prgm Newsletter: Dec 2007 
Grad Prgm Newsletter: Apr 2007 
Grad Prgm Newsletter: Dec 2006

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